Helping leaders find open space

Life can feel crowded. Work too. There’s so much of everything. So much information. So many choices. So many needs. And this can make leadership and communication very challenging.

So our purpose, as coaches and writers, is to help leaders find an open space.

A space of their own, where they can be themselves, think clearly and find the words that count.

A space for others, where teams will freely come together, inspired by shared values and goals.

And a space for the whole organisation, where innovation and creativity can thrive. And where daring, focused, decisions help us to move into the greatest open space of all: opportunity.

Find your open space. Others will follow.

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Develop leadership impact and presence
Support people as they transition between roles
Create and maintain the right culture
Build strong, well-aligned, psychologically safe teams
Articulate and cascade a strategy and vision
Introduce change and build support for it
Engage meaningfully with external stakeholders
Develop great communication skills
Protect resilience and boost well-being

Our team share a fascination with human beings and what we can achieve when we have space to do so. Our work is all about creating that space.


Our work is grounded in a core belief that we can all be impactful if we can create the right space for ourselves. This takes a combination of three things: self-awareness, authentic self-expression and the ability to forge meaningful two-way connections with other people.

To help with this, our approach is practical and engaging. We combine organisational psychology with leadership performance coaching and communication expertise. And we really listen. This means that our work is always engaging and strengths-focused – building on a client’s strengths as well as their authentic voice and style. Click below to find out more.

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