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1:1 coaching has been at the core of our work for twenty years.

Our approach is practical and highly effective, based on sound behavioural science, as well as accredited best practice and twenty years of experience working with leaders at the highest level of some of our most amazing organisations

Sessions are tailored around an individual’s goals and the upcoming challenges in their diary. We help people uncover answers for themselves, while sharing insight and knowledge of a range of relevant tools and techniques. We can also help with the creation of content. This equips people with the words, skills and self-awareness they need to perform and communicate at their best.

The most productive relationships are sustained over months and begin with an initial chemistry meeting to check ‘fit’. Across the duration of a programme, a client’s primary coach may also draw on a team of subject experts, including people with specific media, writing or performance skills.


6 Month +

  • Initial 45-minute ‘chemistry’ conversation to check fit prior to commitment

  • 6 x 2hr monthly sessions, online or in person

  • Tripartite meeting (e.g. with line manager) to share and align on objectives

  • 360 degree ‘perception audit’ (interviews with up to10 stakeholders to gather feedback)

  • Ongoing flow of materials such as session notes, practical models and tools, recommended reading, links to videos and podcasts

12 Month +

As per the 6 month programme, plus:

  • 12 x 2hr sessions (including option to break down into more shorter sessions)

  • Additional tripartite meetings

  • Second ‘perception audit’ (to measure progress)

  • Coach highly available between sessions

  • Coach to observe client in action and provide feedback

  • Access to wider Open Space Associates team for specialist input (e.g. voice or media coach)

authentic leadership COACHING PROCESS

Our process is anchored around the three important levels in our Authentic Leadership Model

We move between these levels as the coaching proceeds and according to need, always beginning an engagement with conversations and exercises that are deigned to explore each level in turn.

Understanding ourselves

Good leadership begins here, and so does our work. We explore what makes you tick and what amounts to the foundations of compelling and authentic communication – your values, your purpose, your personal story. We also look at the impact you want to have on the world and on the people around you, considering where you are achieving this and where there may be gaps.

Expressing ourselves

With a foundation of self-awareness and purpose, we are ready to start thinking about how to express ourselves. After all, it’s hard to get anything achieved without bringing others with you. This is about how you communicate – articulating your thoughts in a way that really lands and captures the imagination of others. The arrow is two-way between levels 1 and 2, because the act of preparing to speak depends on and also deepens our self-understanding.

Connecting with others

Authentic leadership isn’t about transmission, it’s about facilitating moments of shared meaning and alignment, and that’s why our work build on the first two levels by looking at what it really means to engage, facilitate, listen and be truly present with others. Again there are two-way arrows. This is because the more we connect with others the more we learn to fine-tune our self-expression, and the more we get to know ourselves through the process.


Transitioning to
a new role

Increasing gravitas
and presence

Maintaining psychological

Influencing and
motivating others

Articulating a vision
and strategy


Delivering difficult

Building a network of
great relationships

Defeating the imposter syndrome

Managing senior stakeholders

Developing thought leadership

Talking to
the media

Our Consultancy Work

Sometimes a client is looking for diagnostic support or for targeted advice, and we draw on our expertise and experience to offer this

This part of our service is distinct from coaching and writing in that it first involves helping clients first to make some sort of assessment. This might be to help take a reading on the mood in an organisation or within a team on how a project or strategy is being perceived. It might be regarding potential issues or gaps. Or it might be about helping to capture the essence of the culture. 

Whatever it is, we approach this with rigour, providing reports that help organisations to answer key questions before we move together into a co-created programme of activity designed to help our clients tighten the ship, pull people together, and move, with confidence, towards a future of opportunity and success.

“The brain that contains the problem probably also contains the solution.”

Nancy Kline


Small Group and
Team-based Work

Larger Group

Writing & Coaching
for Writers


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