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Almost all of our clients have started with a single engagement which has developed into a deep and enduring relationship.

We think this is because of the quality of our work and the levels of service we provide. It is also because of our commitment to really understanding our clients – their culture, their history, their vision and strategy, and the way they are structured. We also live by a simple code: we measure success not by our revenue but by the value we add for our clients through every single interaction we have with them.



Developing world-class client communication skills AT a blue-chip M&A advisory firm

The client need
This globally recognised and long-established M&A advisory firm came to us for support with the development of senior-level client communication skills. Skills such as having the right boardroom presence, pitching in a competitive high-stakes environment and building relationships with high-profile and often intimidating figures in the worlds of business and banking – these are often the only real differentiator between advisory firms and so are considered to be an extremely high strategic and commercial priority, and yet often it is hoped that people will simply develop these skills through experience across the course of their career. While this is true to an extent, it can also mean that some seriously talented people are allowed to slip through the cracks due to an absence of highly targeted support.

The solution
Our programme began with 1:1 communication coaching programmes for six senior partners in London. Following the success of these programmes, we were invited to extend our reach to other partners in European offices. We were also invited to develop a blended programme (1:1 coaching plus immersive workshops) for all directors. Again, after proven success this was extended both geographically and also to another layer down within the organisation. We have been delivering this – and a range of other bespoke solutions – for seven years now and the relationship goes form strength to strength. 

The impact
All participants in our programme undergo an extensive feedback-gathering process – tracking their progress. The data shows that, relative to others in their global firm, European bankers have markedly superior skills in the area of communication. Our senior stakeholders are clear that this capability directly links to the excellent performance of the firm against all measures. It is also felt that a shift of the culture in the organisation towards one that embraces coaching and development is another successful output of our work, and one that will help secure ongoing success in the future – including in terms of recruiting and retaining the best of the best in a very competitive labour market.

Helping C-Suite leaders drive success in a famous global consumer packaged goods business

The client need
Our client is famous all over the world for its development of leadership talent, for placing purpose and sustainability at the heart of every decision, and for its nurturing of a culture that promotes innovation and psychological safety. These are the key ingredients that explain the 50+bn Euro turnover that the company achieves, and its leadership position in categories and markets all over the world, including Europe, the US and the developing world. These ingredients are constantly strengthened by providing senior leaders with the support they need to be hugely impactful in an intense, very fast-moving and fairly complex internal environment.

The solution
We are proud to have partnered with the client for many years. We have directly supported several members of the executive team, helping them transition into new roles and establish their leadership presence through impactful articulation of their strategy and vision. We have written hundreds of hours of content for a range of high-stakes speeches and presentations. And we have helped emerging talent – through a blend of 1:1 coaching programmes and workshops – to develop their communication skills and to strengthen their sense of purpose and personal confidence.

The impact
One of the luxuries of working with leaders at the top of a public company is that we have access to a range of insights and data showing the impact of our work. This can include internal engagement surveys following large-scale ‘Town Hall’ meetings, investor feedback following key presentations, media copy following interviews, and implementation data that shows the extent to which key strategic messages are landing and converting into action. Across all these data sources, we are confident that our work has directly contributed to success, and we are proud that our clients are happy to testify to the same point.

Helping to build a high performance culture in a boutique asset management firm

The client need
Investment funds are, paradoxically, high pressure environments that require a bias for action in several parts of the business, but also a calm, patient, almost studious atmosphere so that people can think clearly about their investments and what the future might hold. In our experience, this can magically combine with huge success at key moments in a firm’s history, but it can also be hard to sustain over time, especially as the firm evolves and becomes larger. Our client was feeling some of the pain associated with a straining of the qualities that had made them so successful, and asked us to help understand the situation better and identify strategies for protecting and rediscovering the magic while enabling change.

The solution
We started by conducting research interviews with everybody in the firm. Then, through a process called thematic analysis, we looked across the transcripts from the 30+ hours of research in order to bring to the surface a range of insights and actionable areas that we felt provided the business with clarity on areas where they might identify different approaches and ways of working in order to help them achieve their goals. Next we used the data to create a report and also to design a workshop – helping people first to internalise the feedback and then to make a range of guided decisions in terms of the future.

The Impact
The exercise proved to be a vital moment in time for the client. The process of speaking up and being heard, in and of itself, was hugely important and led to renewed engagement levels, an increased sense of hope for the future, and a renewed commitment top open and transparent communication. The decisions that were then taken through and after the workshop led to immediate shifts – some subtle and some dramatic – that ongoing inquiries have shown to be well-rooted and likely to sustain the impact of our work well into the future. In short, the firm reports they are feeling new energy and a new sense of being aligned around shared values and a shared vision.


No two Open Space programmes are the same because everything we do is bespoke – tailored and aligned to your objectives. We ensure this by following the process below.


Success definition: what are the end outcomes of the project and how will we know we’ve achieved them? What are the key behaviours we are looking for people to adopt, and what would applying these behaviours achieve?


The target population: who are our participants? What are their hopes and fears? How do they like to receive information? What are their current skill levels?


Learning transfer: what are the blockers in the environment that might prevent people from applying their new skills and how can we plan around them?


Business as usual: how do we embed the program so that aligns with and complements other organisational initiatives and processes?


Spreading the word: how do we create a feedback loop so the organisation can learn from the participants’ experiences?

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


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