Writing and editing services

Getting your content right can be hard, and an objective, professional third-party service can save you time and significantly enhance your impact.

We have written or edited a wide range of content for clients over the last twenty years. This has included keynote speeches (for business leaders, public figures and politicians); awards events, conference opening remarks and vision launches, product launches, results presentations, media appearances, fireside chats and all-staff emails. See below for some recent engagements, and please get in touch to discuss further. 

We have worked in close and sustained partnerships with many c-suite leaders across all aspects of their communication

We have developed content for leaders to present at launch events to external audiences, including with suppliers, customers and partners

We have written hours of content that senior leaders have presented at internal all-hands meetings and ‘town-halls’

We have developed suites of content to launch important internal initiatives such as change programmes and major up-skilling projects

We have written for management teams as they prepare to present their business to external potential investors (e.g. at point of sale)

We have helped organisations develop the messaging to support the sharing of difficult news (e.g. job losses, pension scheme closures)

Coaching for Writers

Equipping people to write well, first time

Writing is such an important skill and yet we often expect people to develop it on their own. This occasionally works fine. Other times, the negative fallout can be really problematic.

For example, senior leaders preparing to present ideas to the board can get frustrated at the lack of clarity and precision in the materials their teams prepare for them. This can trigger a stressful feedback / revisions loop that often ends with a muddled and sub-optimal product. – and the presenter might be asked to come back again further down the line. Fundamentally, this blocks progress and key decisions get delayed.

Alternatively, new initiatives are launched or vital information is shared, but poor written communication can lead to confusion and frustration – again, undermining the potential success of strategically important endeavours.

To help clients address this, we take a practical and highly bespoke approach to sharing a range of key principles, structures and techniques that underpin good writing, while using real client examples, and live writing projects, to help learners understand and embed these principles immediately. The programme on the right is an example of how we approached it with one particular client.

Sample Programme Overview

Your programme will be tailored to suit your needs

Assessment and Design

Briefing from stakeholders on perceived skill gaps, etc

Coach looks over any templates or guidelines that describe current best practice

Coach looks at examples of finished work considered to be examples of good work

Coach assesses individual work samples submitted by attendees

Online Workshop 1 (4hr)
Context and Purpose*

In this highly practical and tailored session, we start with the big-picture structural and contextual elements which are essential to address before jumping into content creation.

This includes looking at how to adapt for your ultimate audience – their expectations, preoccupations, style and personality. This is the ‘Who?’ element of writing preparation.

Equally, it is about the ‘Why?’: what the writing is trying to achieve, its intended impact, the key messages that really need to land, and so on.

Participants will leave with lots of new techniques to put into practice for 2-3 weeks, during which time they will send us new examples of their writing.

Online Workshop 2 (4hr)
Content and Style*

Session two begins with a refresher on the first workshop and a debrief on how participants have applied the learnings they took from it.

We then move to cover the ‘What?’ and the ‘How?’ of good written communication.

This includes content choices such as narrative structure and flow, and style choices such as register, tone of voice, and language.

It will also cover how to use case studies and examples, and how to present data (e.g., graphs) in a compelling way.

At the end of the workshop, key learnings and commitments will be summarised.

Optional follow-on services

Surgery sessions (2 hours)

Group or individual session with coach for targeted support, including on live deliverables.

Editing and copywriting service

Live and responsive service to draw on at will.

* This is sample content as the session will be designed to meet your specific needs

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass”

Anton Chekhov


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